How to Improve Your Reach on Facebook

Here is a fantastic gift- from me to you, if you are struggling to get engagement and reach on your social media channels.

I'm sharing with you my response to a lady who has tried so hard to get engagement and reach on her two Facebook pages. Each have an audience of around 300 followers.

Here is my response (and in typical Philippa form it is practical!)

🌟 There’s some gold in here so read’re welcome 🤗

Do you use external links in your posts? For smaller accounts, I would say avoid doing that because not only the posts with them die a quiet death but your other posts will too.

I would recommend using the 'newer' features like stories, schedule from within Facebook if you are currently using a 3rd party tool, try animated memes for your quotes (Canva enables you to make the image you create, move).

Go for it on emerging platforms, TikTok most notably.

And post lots! Get volume out. Remember to repurpose (or even just straight reuse) content that hasn't gone anywhere - if no one has seen it they can't see it twice.

My last piece of advice - take relevant posts from other people that are doing well and reshare them. To do this use the original post, add your own take on it and credit the originator too.

Hope that helps :-)

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