Genuine ways to Increase your following on Social Media

Wondering why your social media following isn’t bigger?

Many of you may be finding frustration in seeing your wonderfully crafted images and witty words for your social media channels falling on deaf ears whilst other people, putting out very similar content, are getting a massive reach.

So where are you going wrong?

Well, perhaps you're not! You may find this hard to believe but not all social media reaches are created equal. By that I mean that your content is crucial but it is not everything. You may be comparing yourself with accounts that have been active longer, post more frequently, have a clearer message and style. In other words ones which have been where you are and have begun to suss out what their audience wants to see and enjoys interacting with. 

This doesn't mean that you have done anything wrong just that you are slightly behind on your journey.


  • Post 2 to 3 times:

    Do try posting 2 to 3 times per day for one week and see what impact this has. To reduce the burden do this on a different channel each week, e.g. Facebook one week, Instagram the next.

  • Interact with other accounts:

    In a genuine way, interact with other users, take interest in what they are doing and add your comments. Like and share their posts where relevant. Be part of the conversation, you are not there only to say what you have to say and then leave.

  • Observe:

    Watch the accounts that are doing well. What do they do? Do you pick up any ideas?

  • Try, try and try again!:

    Try a range of posts and see what type get the best response. Keep going, one of each type will not be enough!


  • Panic:

    Don't get put off when you don’t get an immediate reaction. Even the largest Instagram and Facebook accounts started small. It's a crowded space with lots of voices. Imagine being in a crowded hall, you would begin by talking to the person next to you and being heard by them, you wouldn't expect the who room to hear you.


  • Buy Followers:

    I can’t be more clear on this. A smaller but engaged, genuine audience is better than an artificially enlarged one AND Instagram algorithms can identify these types of audience now and may actively thwart your reach. So, not only does it not help it can actually damage your reach.

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